case study

A-List Real Estate

A-List Real Estate is a real estate agency, property development and management company focused on providing optimal solutions to all stakeholders.

What we did


A-List Real Estate is one of the well established real estate agencies. However, their website and digital strategy were missing out on easy opportunities to increase web traffic, generate more leads, and convert more intakes.

  1. Critical UI/UX issues on the website: CTA buttons were small or lacking.
  2. Slow website: Took much longer to upload content than competitor websites.
  3. No local SEO strategy: Missing property category pages.

What we improved

Once onboard, we designed a completely new website for A-List Real Estate that prioritized UI/UX and mobile responsiveness. As a full-service agency, we were able to ensure that the new website seamlessly supported a broader digital marketing strategy in which every tool and campaign were connected.

The new website included the following improvements:

  1. UI/UX best practices: Calls to action are clear and navigation is intuitive.
  2. Branded, SEO-friendly content: This included building out multiple property category pages to rank high in search results for target locations.
  3. Good quality photo assets: Images support the company’s brand and exude trust and excellence.
  4. Mobile responsive: Visitors can now navigate the website on their phone or tablet without any issues.