case study

Being Lynn

Being Lynn is a personal blog website focusing on experiences on travel, lifestyle, food and fashion trends.

What we did


Tatu Interactive set out to increase traffic to the website by improving search visibility and designing a more user-friendly website.

  1. Missing post categories: There was no clear post categorization method.
  2. No local SEO strategy: The website also did not have local content for each post category.

What we improved

We kicked off our relationship with Being Lynn with new brand guidelines that supported a new website build. In addition to presenting a more sharp and modern image for the brand, the website was also designed with SEO and digital marketing best practices in mind.

Specifically, Tatu Interactive did the following:

  1. Published a new brand bible: With new brand guidelines, imagery share on social media, the website, and more all present a cohesive look.
  2. Designed a user-friendly website: In addition to being mobile-responsive and faster, the site features an intuitive design and clear post categorization feature.
  3. Built out a local content marketing strategy: This included publishing unique categories for the blog posts.