case study

EM Creative

EM Creative is a through the line (TTL) advertising, marketing, branding, digital and creative agency; working with brands helping them build branding, marketing, communications and digital strategies.

What we did


The old site did not reflect the company image properly, with some issues ruining the experience:

  1. UI/UX issues: The site structure was not well aligned to the site width.
  2. Website was not mobile responsive: Users accessing the site from their phones and tablets had a clunky experience.
  3. Website was slow: Site speed lagged behind competitors, negatively affecting SEO.

What we improved

We designed and launched a new website for EM Creative Limited. Properly showcasing their work and representing their company image as per the client’s request.

Specifically, we helped with the following:

  1. Designed a UI/UX-friendly website: By avoiding unnecessary elements and being clear in messaging.
  2. Fast and mobile responsive website: Website follows best practices for web development, performance, and SEO.
  3. Setup analytics: Used for tracking the traffic and providing user insight.