case study

Escler Limited

Escler Limited offers installation, repair, modernization and maintenance solutions for elavators/escalators.

What we did


Specifically, the company struggled with the following issues:

  1. No clear brand: Imagery, visuals, and copy didn’t communicate a distinct identity that was unique to their company.
  2. Critical UI/UX issues on the website: The few CTAs that were on the website were small and not as direct as they could be.
  3. Website was not mobile responsive: Users accessing the site from their phones and tablets had a clunky experience.
  4. Website was slow: Site speed lagged behind competitors, negatively affecting SEO.

What we improved

We designed and launched a new website for Escler Limited that showcased their fresh look. Better photos and bold and clear calls to action helped distinguish the company from competitors while UI/UX and SEO best practices provided the tools necessary to increase form fills and calls.

Specifically, we helped with the following:

  1. Create new brand guidelines: These included clear guidelines for brand colors, font, and more.
  2. Designed a UI/ UX-friendly website: The new website features large calls to action in multiple places throughout, that seamlessly guide visitors.
  3. Fast and mobile responsive website: Website follows best practices for web development, performance, and SEO.